Mission. Influence on the conceptualization vector of transformational processes in the field of philosophy, education and education philosophy for the sake of scientific progress.


Problematics. “Educational Discourse: Collection of Research Papers” is an international peer-reviewed journal publishing the results of multidisciplinary research studies conducted by young scientists, leading scholars, experienced practitioners, educators and innovators in the headings covering all areas of knowledge related to education (philosophy, pedagogy, psychology, culture, philology, computer science, religious studies, management, law, etc.). Given this, the authors are being invited to publish, who analyse and substantiate in their research papers the theoretical preconditions and methodological basis for the scientific solution of topical issues in the filed of modern education and science under conditions of globalization changes, laws and principles of the educational institutions functioning, results of experimental interdisciplinary researches under conditions of educational processes integration, modern multicultural society challenges, etc. The journal is a peer-reviewed publication supporting open access to scientific publications.

 Purpose. The purpose of the professional publication “Educational discourse: collection of research papers” is a multidimensional coverage of research results in the field of humanities on issues of modern education and science in terms of civilized socio-cultural changes.

 Publication task.

  1. Creating favourable conditions for authors to highlight the research results based on scientific equality and tolerance.
  2. Presentation of relevant, probable, authentic, original materials constituting scientific novelty.
  3. Ensuring unhindered use of scientific knowledge.


  • Open access to scientific publications
  • Frequency of release
  • Compliance with copyright and confidentiality
  • Objectivity and impartiality in the choice of articles for publication
  • The quality of the materials proposed for printing
  • Compliance with the academic integrity and anti-plagiarism policy